Heating Contractors Can Make Repairs

by | May 15, 2012 | heating

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Heating contractors in Putnam County can help you remedy problems when your furnace and heating system is not working properly in the cold winter season. There is nothing quite as miserable as having your furnace break down when it is bitterly cold outside. While it is better to be prepared and have routine maintenance done on your heating and air conditioning system, sometimes problems arise anyway. A common reason that compels many residents to contact local heating contractors in Putnam County is that their furnace never seems to reach the temperature at which the thermostat is set.

“I set the thermostat at 70 degrees,” says Charla Parker, “and the furnace bangs and sounds like it’s really working while you can hear the air coming out the vents, but the temperature on the thermostat never reaches 70. Things just shut down around 66 degrees. I thought maybe it was the thermostat so I set it at 74, thinking it would shut down at 70. But no. Again it shut down at 66 degrees.”

The Parkers contacted heating contractors in Putnam County with the thought of replacing their furnace, which was only six years old. A consultant came to check things out and discovered that the thermostat had not been appropriately mounted. It wasn’t quite level, which caused the mercury switch to malfunction. The fix was a lot cheaper than a new furnace; the thermostat just had to be adjusted, which is a very minor task.

In other cases, if it isn’t a crooked thermostat, there could be other problems, such as the way that electricity flows through the thermostat. The wiring can cause the thermostat to shut down the furnace once it reaches a certain temperature, but that, too, can be easily adjusted. Heating contractors in Putnam County can inspect the thermostat fully, recalibrate it, and make sure that it is properly installed and working properly in cases where the temperature set is never reached. In cases where the problem doesn’t seem to be the thermostat, checking out the furnace may be the next step.

For best results on your entire heating system, it’s cheaper and more cost-effective in the long run to keep up a routine of maintenance through annual inspections to keep things running properly. Doing so adds longevity to your furnace and thermostat, as well as your air-duct and ventilation system. Most heating contractors in Putnam County will offer full evaluations in order to implement an efficient heating system customized for any kind of living situation that both maximizes the potential for energy use while reducing waste and saving you money when the monthly bills are delivered.