Heating Services in Orange County

Everybody has a need for heating and air conditioning services from time to time. If the outside temperature is below freezing and the heats goes out, you will want to call the best Heating Orange County repair service you can find. If you live in an old home with the original HVAC equipment installed, it may need to be replaced if it is not keeping you warm. This is especially important for families with young children or infants, because you do not want them exposed to the cold longer than is necessary.

Temperature and inconsistent flow are two common problems you may experience with a heating system. You may get little heat from the system and then be broiled in the next minute. A professionally qualified Heating Orange County tech can come out and identify the problem so that he can make the necessary repairs. It is important that a homeowner calls the pro instead of attempting to make the repairs himself. Furnaces –especially old ones — can pose many safety hazards from the gases or combustion of materials. Your health and safety is the number one reason to call a certified technician.

It is a good idea to set up a maintenance plan with your Heating Orange County contractor. This type of plan means that a technician will come to your home or business to conduct regular checks on your system. The tech will check all components of your system and service them or replace them so that the unit will operate at peak efficiency when you need it most. The tech will visit once or twice a year to make sure everything on your HVAC system is in working order. Items checked include carbon monoxide levels, equipment clearances, equipment safety, and adequate combustion air. These checks are important because the number one cause of equipment failure is lack of maintenance.

Other HVAC malfunctions may be attributed to problems with the thermostat. Thermostat problems can result in a furnace that makes no heat or produces wild swings in temperature. The unit may also cycle on and off far too often. Again, a professional should install a new thermostat because the wrong one will cause even more problems with operation, and they may even be dangerous. Call your heating contractor today for an evaluation before the cold weather sets in.

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