Gastric Imbrication- What You Need to Know about the Procedure

Weight loss procedures are one of the most popular procedures that surgeons perform today. This is because in recent years, weight issues have increased. More and more people are seeking healthy solutions for losing weight. Most people advise that surgery should be the last option when battling with weight. This is mainly because most of the weight loss procedures are permanent consequently irreversible. There are different weight loss procedures that can be performed to help you lose weight. Gastric imbrication is a relatively new procedure in this field. You should ask your doctor before choosing to undergo this type of surgery. Its popularity is growing because it is cheaper than most of the procedures like a gastric bypass. It is important to know what gastric imbrications, Houston is all about and whether it is something that you can consider. Some of the things that you should note about this procedure include:
Gastric imbrication involves folding more than ninety percent of the size of your stomach and stitching it to become narrow. This significantly reduces the size of the stomach. Therefore, the procedure reduces the appetite of the patients because they will feel satisfied after taking a small amount of food. This procedure is recommended for people with heavy appetites because after the procedure their food intake is limited by the size of their stomach.

Like any other surgical procedure, a patient has to qualify to be able to undergo gastric imbrication, Houston Most doctors will only perform this procedure if you have a BMI of between 30- 35 Kg/m2. Patients with BMIs of over 50 kg/m2 are automatically disqualified because they lack malabsorption and therefore their bodies will not be able to lower these BMIs. The patients’ desire to change their eating habits is a big driving force for this procedure.

Gastric imbrication is also gaining a lot of popularity because it is affordable compared to the rest of the surgeries. Getting the procedure will cost you an average of twelve thousand dollars compared to a gastric bypass and sleeve gasteroctomy that will cost you an average of eighteen thousand dollars. Notably, because this procedure is relatively new, most health insurance policies do not cover. Therefore, you might have to pay for it privately.

Experts estimate that it is possible to lose up to 15% of excess body weight after this procedure although the amount will vary from one individual to another. Most people were also able to tolerate most food types after having than the other weight loss procedures. It is always advisable to get this surgery from a surgeon that has experience. This will guarantee you the best results and you can be settled during the procedure.

Gastric imbrication is a new procedure. You should ensure that you consult someone that understands the procedure before going through it. Learn more from

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