Four Merits of Frameless Shower Doors Seattle

Apart from the traditional glass shower doors Seattle that come with a metal frame, you can now find frameless shower doors. These have become very popular and many homeowners are finding many reasons to get these doors. If you are renovating your shower room and are looking to change your shower door, how about trying a frameless shower door. You may end up liking and appreciating it more than you think. There are some benefits that are specific to these doors which may not be the case with the other kind of doors. The frameless shower door is made from tempered glass that is particularly thick making it quite strong and does not need a metal frame to support it.

One of the ascertained merits of frameless shower doors is that they last three to four times more than the traditional designs. Any home owner would want to acquire something that lasts longer so that they will not have to do any re-installations in the short term. This is therefore a plus for people going for frameless shower doors Seattle given that people are not accustom to changing doors to their shower rooms every now and then.

* The other merit that a frameless shower door has is the stunning look. It gives the shower room a more cleaner, modern and streamlined look. This is every homeowner’s desire – to have a beautiful shower room that even visitors can take note of. It therefore adds lots of value to the home. Two rooms that are very significant and add lot of value to a home in term of beauty is the kitchen and the shower room. You can therefore never go wrong with frameless shower doors for your bathroom in your home.

* Frames, if not well maintained, can harbor lots of dirt and grime making the bathroom rather unsightly. This calls for thorough cleaning if you have to restore them to their initial beautiful look. Sometimes the time and manpower to do this may be a challenge. This gives frameless shower doors an upper hand over the framed doors since they do not have frames where dirt may lurk making it very easy to clean them. Truth be told, nobody wants to spend lot of time cleaning the shower door.

* Frameless shower doors Seattle glass comes in different finishes which include frosted, clear and patterned among others. This trait is not different from the framed doors – the emphasis here is that you can choose what you want for your shower door.

Next time you are upgrading your bathroom, consider getting a frameless shower door and test it for what it is. You will most definitely be excited about it and benefit from its many advantages.

When remodeling your bathroom, an easy way to change the character of the entire area is to install a new shower door. A  custom shower door is a solid panel usually of glass that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, keeping it dry. Read a few tips that you should keep in mind to ensure that you are getting the best door for your bathroom and lifestyle by visiting glass doctor of Seattle.

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