Clothes do more than make babies look nice!

When your baby is dressed up in well fitting, mod-looking clothes, he or she looks cute and pretty, and may even be the envy of other mothers around. But clothes are more than simply act as curtains or valances for your baby’s bodies. They help keep the baby warm in cold weather, and cool in hot or humid weather. They help protect the baby’s skin from the harsh elements of nature. But most of all, they provide the shell that’s needed to keep your baby happy, comfortable and content.

The fabric of the clothes that you put on your babies is extremely important for maintaining the child’s happy disposition. With the tender skins of children extremely sensitive to irritants caused by heavy chemicals used in many fabrics, eco-friendly baby clothes are becoming more in vogue these days.

For instance, well informed parents of young children are now more aware of the extreme health hazards that clothes made from conventionally grown crops, such as Cotton, can have on their babies. The indiscriminate use of insecticides and pesticides such as Aldicarb, parathion, and methamidopho by growers of such crops has even lead the World Health Organization to warn the world about such health hazards.

Unlike these conventional crops, which inherit all the harmful elements of the chemicals and pass them on to the fabrics woven from them, eco-friendly baby clothes are manufactured from fabric that do not contain any toxic chemicals. These organically cultivated crops are grown largely in an environmentally friendly manner, giving parents the peace of mind that their babies health is never compromised by clothes made from the fabric of such crops.

When shopping for clothes for your toddlers and newborns, make sure you only chose clothes from well reputed manufacturers who have a track record of providing clothes made from fabric produced from crops that are grown in an environmentally friendly setting. Many baby clothes manufacturers make claims of being “baby friendly” companies, but they could be misleading you with labels such as “100% pure cotton”.

Your baby’s health could be at risk if you buy non-organic baby clothes. Settle only for clothes made from organic cotton. That’s because organic cotton is cultivated free of chemical fertilizer or other toxic insecticides or pesticides. And since organic cotton is grown and manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, as parents you will have the peace of mind of doing your part to keep your baby safe, while also helping to preserve our planet simultaneously.

Who said eco-friendly baby clothes are drab, colorless and plain-looking? In fact, the brightness of earth-friendly dyes can never be matched by chemically induced colors. And since these colors are largely made from organic substances, they are allergen free. This means your baby doesn’t run the risk of contracting painful skin rashes, no matter how long they keep those clothes on their bodies.

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