Drain cleaning may require a plumber

Drain cleaning is a filthy job at the best of times, and not everyone has the skill or the willingness to take on the job. If the clog is straight forward, such as a plugged kitchen sink, the purging can often be done by the homeowner with the use of one of the many commercial drain cleaners available. However, if it’s a tough job, this is when Pueblo plumbers need to be called in.

How does drain cleaning work?

If the clog is in a sink or the shower, the first inclination is to introduce one of the commercial drain cleaners into the drain. The drain cleaner will soften the obstruction, which is often accumulated grease or hair. As clogs of this nature are always close to the drain opening using a commercial drain cleaner, an air-burst cleaner, a hand auger or plunger usually works.

What are the advantages of one method over another?

There are pros and cons for all drain cleaning, and there are some issues that you need to know about.

* Chemical drain cleaners will not be of much value if the clog is a fair distance from the drain opening, such as in the main sewer line. Chemical cleaners can also pose a hazard as they can injure your eyes, skin and lungs. When using them, precautions must be taken to prevent these injuries from happening. There is also the chance of incompatibility between the material used for the plumbing system and the acid that is used in the chemical cleaner.

* A hand-held auger is easy to use and inexpensive to buy, also it is re-usable. The length of hand-held augers usually does not exceed 25 feet, there is a limitation on the size of the drain in which they are effective, and they may scratch the ceramic surfaces if caution is not taken.

* Air burst cleaners use compressed CO2 to dislodge the clog. The force exerted by the standing water acts like a battering ram as the compressed air attempts to escape, taking the clog with it. For this method to work the clog should be close to the drain opening and there must be standing water. Without standing water this method will not work well. This method often results in a blow-back and the wearing of safety goggles is recommended.

What if these methods don’t work?

The answer is simple, call the Pueblo plumbers and give them the problem. The equipment that they have is far beyond the scope of the average homeowner. They have electric augers that can easily reach a clog 200 feet away or more. Their equipment can easily navigate turns and bends in the drain that domestic hand-held equipment cannot hope to touch.

If you have a clog or any other problem associated with plumbing, contact the best Pueblo plumbers at 719-544-4922. Patterson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. can look after leaky faucets, broken pipes, clogged drains or running toilets quick and inexpensively.

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