CL 125 LW Flange Is The Industry Standard

The CL 125 LW flange is an industry standard for flanges. This is a standardized part that many people need for various machines. Custom flanges can also be made for your machines, though it is important to map out your budget and time management accordingly when choosing custom flanges. The CL 125 LW flange can be used for various pipe sizes and is considered a general term, as there are many sizes and types of CL 125 LW flanges. When ordering any CL 125 LW flange, the company should have a thorough chart on their website that helps you best determine which flange you should choose for the job.

CL 125 LW Flange

Carbon steel bolts are intended to be used with the CL 125 LW flange. This ensures you will have a tight fit and the most durable results for the pipe. This type of flange is most commonly used with a full face gasket. In many cases, a ring gasket can also be used. The full face gasket and ring gasket are interchangeable for the CL 125 LW flange. The CL 125 LW flange category was specifically created to eliminate confusion for standard American flanges.

This style of flange is the most commonly used and is available in inches for nearly every size of pipe. When looking at charts online and shopping for CL 125 LW flange, you can look for a millimeter conversion if needed. Most charts on the site of any company that sells these parts will make the measurements available in both inches and millimeters for convenience. CL 125 LW flanges are the common type and name for flanges used in the U.S. The names for a similar or exact flange in Europe, particularly the UK, vary widely.

Custom Parts

Be sure to have a handle on the budget you’re working with and any custom parts that will be needed in addition to your CL 125 LW flanges. It is important to create a long lasting relationship with the company you choose to buy your parts from. Once you become a regular client, you may be able to negotiate discounts for bulk orders and the manufacturer will be more likely to offer quick turnaround on custom parts. Planning ahead will help your project move forward with ease and ensure you have everything you need.

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