Destin Florida Parasailing: First Flight

by | May 22, 2014 | Water Sports

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The first flight is like your first love. It’s a moment of your life that you’ll never forget and you’ll relive endlessly. Everything up there, 100 feet from sea and sky, the sound of wind sailing around you -; it’s almost like you are the master of the world. With Destin Florida Parasailing at the helm, it will be a ride you’ll never forget!

If it is your first time up, the overdose of adrenaline is amazing! We all dream of flying one day, but very few dare go through with their ambitions. For those who have had the guts to go beyond their limits, they were not disappointed. Parasailing is one of those extreme activities that always leaves you hungry for more.

Before your flight you are briefed by the instructors. They explain everything from how to stand during the flight to the postures for a soft landing. For the rest of the time there is nothing to do except enjoy the stunning views of the ocean. You let the boat, wind and instructors do everything else. Pulled by a motorboat, you will find yourself about 100 feet high, hung by a large sail. Want to make it a date? Go ahead -; they have doubles parasailing available.

The view is wide and breathtaking. Everything is more beautiful at 100 feet off the ground, right? Everything seems so small and helpless. But you are left to breathe fresh air because it is not every day that you get a chance like this.

The instructors are always there to give advice. After takeoff, they won’t necessarily be right next to you, but they will be right there waiting for you when you land. You shouldn’t worry about getting it perfect on the first time around -; not many do. However, the instructors will not let you go up until both you and they are satisfied you can do it on your own.

For those who dream of soaring like a bird, but do not dare to take on skydiving, parasailing is the ideal compromise. Destin Florida Parasailing allows you to take off nicely and land safely. Click here to read more.