After-Dinner Drinks: Choosing the Perfect Dessert Wine

If you’re serving after-dinner sweets, the right dessert wine can make your final course even more delicious. Still, many consumers aren’t that familiar with Dessert Wines, and choosing the right variety can be difficult. Keep reading to learn how to select a dessert wine that will complement whatever sweets you’re preparing.

Find the Right Sweetness
The first and most important rule of pairing wine with a dessert is that the wine should always be sweeter than the dish you’re serving. If you’re serving bittersweet chocolate, you can get away with serving just about any variety of dessert wine, but if your dessert is sugar-laden be sure to find a super-sweet liquor like a Riesling to enhance the flavors.

Consider Sparkling Wine
If the dessert you’re serving is light, like fruit or cheese, consider choosing a sparkling dessert wine. A bit of bubbly can bring out the best in these types of dishes. Just make sure the sparkling wine you choose is the sweet variety–look for the words sec or demi-sec on the label and avoid Brut varieties. One great sparkling wine that’s attractively priced is Moscato d’Asti.

Know Your Varieties
There are many varieties of Dessert Wines, and you should at least have a basic knowledge of them before you choose a bottle. Fortified wines have the spirit liquor added to them and include Port and Sherry. Ice-wines are made from frozen grapes and typically have a concentrated, fruity flavor. Dessert wine made from the noble rot variety has been shriveled on the vine, resulting in a long-lasting, great-tasting wine. One popular variety of this type of wine is Sauternes.

Shop in the Right Store
If you’re confused about buying dessert wines, make sure to shop in a store that employs a knowledgeable staff so they can help guide you towards the perfect bottle. Towne Cellars Wines and Liquors Inc. specializes in selling wine and the staff there can help you choose the best dessert wine in your budget if you’re a novice wine buyer.

The right dessert wine can be the perfect end to a fabulous meal. Although finding the right bottle can be confusing, it’s well worth the effort. Arm yourself with a little knowledge, don’t be afraid to ask for help and have fun! Connect on Facebook!

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