Comparison of Medical Grade LCD Display Panels and Others

Finding a bright, easy to view LCD display panel for medical applications can be tough. Many departments within a hospital or other medical facility can make use of them, as can a wide range of manufacturing plants that create devices that use LCD displays. When data displayed on the screen is vital to another person’s health, you want to be sure the panel reads clearly and lasts for quite a while. The debate between an off-the-shelf color panel and a medical grade LCD display has been raised many times, and each offers its pros and cons. Be sure to consider your usage of the panel before making your final purchase.

Higher Luminance

In many departments, such as radiology, a brightly lit monochrome panel is vital for clear reading and viewing of the data presented. This makes a medical grade LCD display a clear winner as the standard color panels have a much lower level of brightness and can sometimes be harder to read in the darkness of the radiology room. In addition, standard color displays may not be able to show precise lines and small areas clearly, for radiology scans this can be a major downfall. On the other hand, medical grade LCD display panels are made to show each minute detail clearly and cleanly pixel by pixel so the medical professional can make a proper diagnosis and can rest assured knowing each pixel is showing precisely what it should.

What is Medical Grade?

Most LCD panels marked as medical grade can distinguish color differences at a very precise level, even if showing various shades of gray. While some may be used on grayscale or monochrome displays only, those in full color can differentiate between a number of similar colors easily. In addition, professional grade or medical grade devices include a much higher contrast and a better calibration to result in faster response times in all standard medical working conditions. In comparison to some other standard grade monitors, shades and specific colors are blended together and not presented clearly, this makes medical grade LCD displays much better in that respect. When viewing certain x-rays, mammograms, or radiographs, a medical professional needs to ensure he or she can distinguish exactly what they are looking at. If image quality is poor, an improper diagnosis can be made resulting in a number of problems further down the road.

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