Classifying Hydraulic Cylinders

In the world of hydraulic cylinders, there are many ways of looking at this particular tool. The device may be categorized according to function or specifications. Either way is appropriate. Both are used in tandem. It depends upon what you are considering and how you actually look at the item.

Hydraulic Cylinders: Function Classification

One of the ways of classifying hydraulic cylinders is according to function. Simply put, this means ordering them in a typology that looks at what they do and described and classifies them accordingly. This approach divides all cylinders into two basic types:

* Single Acting Cylinders: This type of hydraulic cylinder features fluid that is pressurized from one side of the cylinder alone. This action occurs during both the actions of expansion and extraction. When the pressure exerted or caused by the hydraulic fluid, usually oil, is removed, the single acting hydraulic cylinders return to their original place.
* Double Acting Cylinders: The hydraulic fluid in this type of cylinder is not applied in one but both directions. The rods used double acting or action hydraulic cylinders are one of two kinds: single or double rod ended.

This is one way of categorizing or classifying hydraulic cylinders. As noted previously, it is not the only means of doing so.

Hydraulic Cylinders: Specification Classification:

When it comes time to classify hydraulic cylinders, some approach it from a different angle. They classify according to specifications. When they do so, they categorize than under the following types:

* Plunger Cylinders: Another name for this particular type of cylinder is Ram. They stand ramrod straight being positioned upright. The purpose of this is to ensure the hydraulic cylinder will return to its original place when the fluid stops flowing. It is the weight of the cylinder that allows this to occur. Plunger hydraulic cylinders are frequently used to great advantage in automobile service centers.
* Telescoping Cylinders: These are also known as multistage or telescoping hydraulic cylinders. With a maximum of six stages in play, these are used where the requirements are for a long stroke in a confined space or area. This makes them perfect for forklifts, sump trucks and cranes. Telescopic cylinders can be categorized as being single or double acting cylinders.
* Cable Cylinders: These are double acting cylinders. The force tends to be moderate while the stroke is, itself, long. Like telescopic hydraulic cylinders, cable cylinders can be operated in tight spaces.
* Diaphragm Cylinders: This type of hydraulic cylinder comes in two possible types. They are flat or rolling diaphragm. Their strongest feature concerns the piston. They have no leak at all.

There are different ways of looking at hydraulic cylinders. They may appear different but are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is best to “mix-and-match” in order to arrive at a greater understanding of the nature and typology of hydraulic cylinders.

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