Choosing Home Safes for The Bronx

The number one reason for purchasing Home Safes Bronx is actually for protection against damage during a fire. With the advances of banking services, cash is rarely stored at home in large amounts. Highly valuable items that aren’t regularly used are more often placed in a safe deposit box deep within a bank’s vaults for maximum security. What’s left at home are the more frequently needed items that need to be safeguarded such as birth certificates, social security cards, and irreplaceable photographs.

The reason fire protection is in such high demand is that the average person has a one in four chance during their life time of having a fire in their home where the fire department is needed to extinguish it. This presents a high risk of losing important documents that are extremely difficult to replace, especially forms of identification, which often require another form of identification to obtain.

The design of fire proof safes vary depend on what they are designed to protect. Paper items can sustain higher temperatures and the average fire proof safe will keep the maximum temperature on the inside below 350 degrees. For sensitive items like film slides or compact disks, much lower temperatures of 100 to 150 degrees are needed. The length of time safes vary significantly as well, with the average being 30 minutes as much home fires are expected to be extinguished or exhausted within 20 minutes or less.

Home Safes Bronx are also purchased for theft protection. Depending on the desired security level, these safes can withstand burglary tools, blow torches, and explosives. They are also designed to be impossible to carry away instead. An average anti-burglary safe will start at about 100 pounds empty. Other safes can be bolted or permanently installed into the floor. Still others are designed to be hidden under a carpet or behind a painting, just like in the movies.

Other safes are available to withstand water. These are often combined with fire proof abilities to prevent damage from the fire hoses. They are also useful in flood prone areas such as hurricane evacuation zones. And of course, safes can and usually do have a variety of fire, burglary, and water safe features.