Alternative tour packages in Australia

by | May 14, 2013 | Tours, Travel & Tourism

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Alternative tour packages in Australia are available to those who want to go to different places and do different things than what is usually offered. A lot of these alternative tour packages allow the tourist to have more opportunities to deal with the people rather than historical sites, big buildings, theme parks, etc. The focus of alternative tours is the culture, the communities and the people, often the tour is based on nature or adventure. Depending on just exactly what the traveller wants, the alternative tour packages can easily combine all three.

Many people, especially those with families opt for more traditional vacations, often spent at resorts. These vacations are easy to arrange, they are pre-planned, well thought out and advertised heavily. Alternative tourism is far rarer than main-stream tourism, travellers rarely ask for anything other from a vacation than what they are offered on a plate. It is the natural settings and the people that one meets along the way that defines alternative tourism. Once the traveller returns home, there should be a feeling that the inner most fabric of the place has been experienced, not just the glitzy show pieces.

Many tour packages in Australia are focused on nature, this type of vacation is also called eco-tourism. These tours take the individual into places of natural interest within the area, these types of tours often include hikes into the backwoods, biking on back country roads or white water rafting. Whatever outdoor activities the area is famous for is what the vacation will feature. These trips will allow the vacationer to study local diversity among its flora and fauna and allow for interaction on a personal level with the locals, including the opportunity to enjoy the activities that they enjoy most.

Another form of alternative tour packages Australia is those which feature cultural immersion. People who are genuinely interested in the ethnic practices of local people enjoy these types of holidays. They often focus on the food and wine of a region as well as the local music and arts. Culture tours allow one to see how locals live, work and play within their natural environment.

Adventure tourism is especially interesting for those who enjoy thrills such as scuba diving and mountain climbing, anything which challenges them in a physical sense.

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