AC Service Lawrenceville GA — because comfort is key!

Isn’t technology wonderful? Not even two centuries ago the average person’s home was subject to the elements. Winters were cold, summers were hot and relief was often short lived. In our day and age we have the luxury of controlling the environment we live in far more then our ancestors would ever have believed. One of the largest factors is the advent of air conditioning. Be it a swamp cooler, window unit or central a/c system, we have come to take their functionality for granted.

As with any machine, routine maintenance is critical for the overall life of the equipment in question. You wouldn’t ignore the oil or brakes on your vehicle, why should your air conditioner be any different? Choosing to take the time to properly keep your system in peak working condition helps ensure the most for your money. Basic maintenance includes many things, not limited to:

* Checking the amp draw of the compressor

* Oiling the fan’s motor(s)

* Making certain coolant levels are at their optimal levels

* Cleaning of the condensing units

* Adjusting belts if needed

Even though they are designed for harsh conditions, a regular tune-up will help your system work to it’s fullest potential. Even just being 10% low on coolant can force a system to work up to 20% harder then needed! Internally, good filters that are changed regularly will also help ensure your air conditioning system works as smoothly as possible.

If you find yourself in need of AC Service Lawrenceville GA has several companies to help you find relief. Even when maintenance is performed an a/c system can sometimes fail. Common causes of failure include faulty wiring, a failed or otherwise stopped compressor, a leak in the coolant lines or many other things. In occasions where the compressor is stopped it may seem simple enough to reset it on your own but the safest thing is to seek the help of a professional who can find the cause and correct it. In models with an external fan used to transfer the heat out of the home, the fan must operate properly to avoid further damage to the cooling system. This too would be best reviewed by a professional. Frozen coils can also lead to system failure and can be simply dirty. Seeking the help of a professional can keep your home as comfortable as possible.

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