Did You Slip and Fall in a Public Area? You May Have a Personal Injury Case

Slips and falls are some of the most common types of accidents, and can often result in very serious injuries. In public areas such as grocery stores, department stores, sidewalks, or other, management’s negligence can lead to falls. If the party who sustained the injury can prove management is liable, they may be entitled to compensation for the complications that arose from the injury. If you’ve recently sustained a fall injury, and you feel you weren’t responsible, it’s a good idea to seek an experienced personal injury attorney.

Premises Liability
When an injury occurs on someone else’s premises, such as a business or an apartment complex, management is likely to be held responsible if their actions are deemed negligent. Consider an instance where management is mopping the hallway floor in an apartment building. If they’ve placed “caution: wet floor” signs around the area they’re cleaning, and you fail to read the signs and fall, they cannot be held responsible. However, if they didn’t have signs set up providing a warning, they’re liable if you slip and fall. An attorney of slip and fall Madera who is experienced in cases involving premises liability can help you determine beforehand if you have a legitimate claim.

Proof is Essential
In many cases, proving management is responsible for injuries under premises liability can be difficult. The injured party must prove that the owner was aware of the precarious conditions, and did nothing to remedy them. In some cases of premises liability, the fact that the owner should have known is enough to deem to them liable. For example, a leak in the roof that causes a particular spot on the floor to become slippery should be apparent to the owner after a certain amount of time. A slip and fall attorney Madera will be able to look at the details of your case, and inform you of your options.

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