Your Questions Answered About A Clogged Drain In Portland Caused By Tree Roots

A common cause of clogged household drains is tree roots growing inside the pipes. To clear the roots out of the pipes so your drains will run free, you’ll need to contact a technician to fix your clogged drain in Portland. Read the frequently asked questions and the answers below to learn more about tree roots that can clog your drain.

Q.) How do tree roots get into the pipes and clog the drains?

A.) It’s not uncommon for clay pipes to crack due to age and wear. Tree roots can enter the pipes through the cracks and continue to grow until they clog up your household drains. Sometimes the joints in the pipes come apart and tree roots can also enter the pipes through the open joints. Aggressive tree roots can spread out for several feet and they grow toward a source of nutrients and water. Since your pipes supply these needs for tree roots, they’ll travel toward your pipes and get inside them any way they can.

Q.) How will a technician remove the tree roots out of the pipes?

A.) The technician will first have to inspect the pipes to determine the size of the clog. Next, the technician will use special equipment, such as a drain snake, to cut the tree roots out of your pipes. After the tree roots are destroyed, the technician will have to repair the cracked or faulty pipes. If your pipes are old and deteriorating, the technician may recommend replacing the entire system.

Q.) What are preventative steps to take to keep tree roots from growing inside of the pipes?

A.) To keep tree roots out of your pipes, contact a plumber on a regular schedule to examine your pipes and clear out any roots that could cause a clogged drain. By performing periodical maintenance, the tree roots won’t be able to grow big enough to cause a drainage problem in your house.

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