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by | May 9, 2012 | Health Care

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Taking care of your pets involves regular checks ups at a great Mission Viejo Vet at least once a year. Pets such as dogs and cats can become point of viral, bacterial, protozoal and fungal infections. Early diagnosis means that your pets can be treated with the latest pet antibiotics and vaccines for a complete return to health. Regular checkups at your Mission Viejo vet make sure you catch any issues affecting your pets.

Get The Rabies Vaccine At Your Mission Viejo Vet

Rabies is not a new disease for our canine friends. It is often associated with dogs, however, cats are also found to have rabies. It is an infectious disease and incidents have been recorded as far back as 1930 BC. The disease causes impacts the brain and causes rabid behavior patterns. A bite from a rabid dog is considered fatal for a human and therefore rabies vaccinations from your Mission Viejo vet for the prevention of rabies in dogs and cats is essential.

Animal Dentistry At Your Mission Viejo Vet

Dogs in particular need to go to the dentist, and dental care for your animal should be a part of your regular checkups at your Mission Viejo vet. There are a number of diseases that are associated with the deterioration of the oral health of a dog such as gingivitis and lip fold polyderma that are normally caused due to lack of dental care. Regular dental checkups are just as important for your pets as they are for your family. You need to make sure that your Mission Viejo vet is able to provide a full dental service and diagnostic equipment.

Regular Eye Testing for Dogs At Your Mission Viejo Vet

It is a known fact that dogs are colorblind and cannot see colors such as red. However to ensure that their monochromatic vision is working, you must schedule routine checkups with a Mission Viejo vet. When you take your animals to the vet, you need to make sure that you are having all of the tests done to help your pets. Just like humans, early diagnosis is the key to complete health. Eye testing, dental health and other diagnostic tests should be a part of every check up.

When you’re looking around for a new vet, or perhaps you’re the owner of a new pet, you need to be able to trust that your Mission Viejo vet is available and has the necessary experience and skills to help your animal. Choosing a vet needs to be done with care and attention. Visit a number of vets in your area so that you have a comparison of services offered and the facilities at the veterinary offices. All good vets will be delighted to take you on a tour of their surgery and answer any questions that you have.

Choose a Mission Viejo Vet that offers complete diagnostic facilities. Visit and bring your precious pets in for a checkup.


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