You Can be An Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Not all inspirational and motivational speakers are famous; as often than not when you ask someone which speaker had the most impact on their lives, they won’t name someone like Bill Clinton, or Martin Luther King Jr. No, most people will probably say that the most inspirational and motivational speakers they ever heard were people they knew on a very personal level— parents, teachers, 4-H club leaders, ministers, and sports or performance coaches get named with far more frequency than the rich and famous speakers whose charisma and messages we are so familiar with.

Even though the list of the most inspirational and motivational speakers that different people mention are very different then, they will definitely share commonalities: their words contained an important message, and they took the time to spread that message, and they knew how to do it in a way that created an impact on the recipients, young or old.

The one thing that all inspirational and motivational speakers know is that in order to get their message across, they need to be able to present it in a way that will resonate with their audience. The simplest way to achieve this is often using image and metaphor; all people like to be told a story and the human mind loves to hear and visualize stories through image and metaphor. Other helpful techniques include historical references. It’s probably also best to keep things simple; avoiding complex or abstract analogies. Real-life anecdotes, your own story so to speak can also be powerful in reaching your audience.

Perhaps the biggest impediment most people face in the quest to be inspirational and motivational speakers is their fear of public speaking; the single most prevalent phobic fear in existence. This fear is a true phobia which is any irrational fear that is felt greatly out of proportion to the inherent threat. We rationally know, of course, that in speaking to a group there is no real threat to us. The fear of public speaking can be overcome, sometimes through repetition and practice, and sometimes with the help of a professional coach and or therapist. Hypnotherapy is also a very effective method for conquering this fear and freeing you inner orator, paving the way for you too to become one of those wonderful individuals we call our inspirational and motivational speakers.

Dr. John McGrail is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert and spiritual teacher with inspirational and motivational speakers. His latest book is, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation.

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