Why Work With A Realtor From The Redmond, Oregon Real Estate Association

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Real Estate Services

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If you are buying property in Redmond, Oregon or any of the surrounding cities and towns it is essential to work with an agent that is a member of a Real Estate Association. This means that they are professionals in the real estate field that adhere to high professional and ethics standards to ensure that you are effectively represented in real estate transactions.

There are different roles that a member of the Real Estate Association in Redmond, Oregon can have. They can be the agent for the seller of the buyer, and, in some situations, they work with both the buyer and the seller but only with full disclosure of this dual representation to all involved.

Working For the Buyer

When working to help you find a home in Redmond, Oregon or anywhere else in the state your agent will perform many different functions depending on what assistance you require. The actual standards that the buyer’s agent works under are developed by the Real Estate Association and their code of professional conduct and ethics. It also sets requirements for ongoing training that each member will complete to stay up to date with laws and requirements on buying and selling various types of properties.

Typically the buyer’s agent will help to locate homes given the criteria that the buyer provides. This helps save time and streamlines the search process for the buyer. Your agent will also provide insight to the neighborhood and the specific property and will work with you to determine a fair market price and then an offer. He or she will negotiation on your behalf with the seller or the seller’s agent.

Working For The Seller

Getting an agent that is a member of the Real Estate Association to sell your Redmond, Oregon home is highly recommended. These professionals can help you to accurately price your home on the market, coordinate the marketing of your property including recommendations to make your home more attractive to buyers, and to assist in completing the closing process.

Working with a professional in the Real Estate Association also means that he or she will tap into the network of other Realtors and agents in the Redmond, Oregon area. This can help to drive traffic to your home or to even get a jump on new properties coming on the market.