Why Switch to Dish TV

According to the Communications Market’s Digital Progress report, there are over 500 channels aired on a Dish TV! This offers large variety of options to viewers if he switches to a DTH service. Variety of entertainment channels is just one of the reasons for preferring a this to cable connection. Read on to know the range of others.

Why to Prefer Dish TV to Cable Television

The following points should make a consumer realize why a Dish TV is better than traditional cable sets:

1. Enhanced television experience

The most obvious reasons for switching to a Dish would be enhanced experience of watching television as a result of the signal directly reaching the Dish, making the picture and sound quality crisper and brighter. Furthermore, the set-top boxes are equipped with true HD and virtual surround features that offers a rich television viewing experience.

2. Use of existing resources

In case you are not satisfied with the existing hardware and television set and are planning to switch, you should consider Dish TV. This is because the latter makes the use of the existing TV set, at the same time enhancing the sound and picture quality. This translates into the old television operating like new. Furthermore, you need to invest only a fraction of the money you were planning to part with in case of a new television set and audio systems.

3. More choice and more power

Since Dish comes with over 400 channels, consumers in an advantageous position as they have more entertainment choices. Also, it comes with a range of package options which allows users to opt for channels they are more likely to view and not pay for channels that they do not require.

4. Flexibility in terms of prices and usage

Dish TV also allows optimization of the channel space and your monthly budget. Service providers for DTH have many packs or clusters of channels to choose from, which are spread across the spectrum, from affordable to premium services. You can choose what you like.

5. Interactive services

Lastly, Dish also comes with a large number of interactive services, cutting across all age groups and service types. The on-demand services have everything from cookery channels to gaming channels for kids. They also have movies-on-demand channels which can be enjoyed by the entire family together.

With the plethora of reasons all you need to do is decide on a service provider. Once this decision is taken, better television experience is just a phone call away.


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