Why Dumpster Rental?

When your house is being renovated or undergoing home improvement, you will have a lot of debris and material to be disposed. The normal practice, when you have debris and waste material to tow away is to opt for dumpster rental. A dumpster rental charge includes one time delivery and pick up of the receptacle of an agreed size along with a prior established disposal fee, fuel charges and any environmental fees and levied taxes. The disposal agents will dispose the waste in a fully approved facility with necessary license.

Recyclables like metal are often picked up free of cost and purchased by recycling companies. If you are unable to drop off metal waste, call the recycle facility. They often offer free transportation and removal of scrap metal from your site.

Before you rent a dumpster you have to choose the right dumpster size for your waste materials. Containers come in a variety of sizes. If you intend to park the dumpster in the street, you may have to seek permission from the municipality. You may need a permit before you have it parked in the street. Heavy loads can potentially damage your driveway. You can protect your driveway from such loads with sheets of plywood. The customer has to bear liability for any damages sustained from overloading and heavy loads. The container must be accommodated in a space with clearance that is double the width and height of the dumpster for easy access and maneuverability.

The receptacle can only be filled to a specific weight. Heavier waste like concrete has to be loaded cautiously on to the container. There are weight limits for the roads and thoroughfares in your locality and only permissible weights can be transported on the dumpster rental. The overloaded containers can also be a traffic hazard. The customer will be billed for extra weight.

When loading a rental container, there are a number of items that cannot be loaded onto it. Only solid waste will be accepted. Free liquids of any kind would not be disposed of with a container. Hazardous waste, radioactive materials, inflammables and explosives, industrial waste, biomedical waste, toxic substances, volatile materials are not accepted. That means you cannot place paint, solvents, propane tanks, antifreeze, herbicides and pesticides, contaminated oils etc. in your container. Household appliances like microwaves, discarded television sets, tires, computer monitors, asbestos etc. should not be disposed of via dumpster rental. NJ residents can find recycling plants and other facilities that offer containers on hire.

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