Why Buy Used Car Parts

by | Mar 26, 2012 | Automotive

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Buying used car parts can make sense if you have limited resources, but there are some used car parts you should never buy. Consumer guides recommend that you should never buy used parts that can compromise the safety of your vehicle and passengers. A car owner should always purchase only new safety belts, brake parts, air bags and electronic sensor monitors for system problems. Buying second hand versions can compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Car repair can be expensive and one way to save money it to buy used parts. If you are thinking of buying second hand components, ask your dealers if they can give you any guarantee for the merchandise. Usually salvage yards maintain very extensive inventories of fast moving components. The popular parts that are often requested at salvage yards are seats, alternators and radiators. Prices of second hand merchandise can be half that of a brand new component. Salvage yards are usually willing to negotiate a price.

When you buy used car parts like side windows, bumpers, mirrors or alloy wheels etc. these components do not compromise the safety and functioning of your vehicle in any way. Fenders, grills, hoods and other non-mechanical parts that are in good condition can be purchased at very reasonable prices, second hand. You can safely purchase them from dealerships. Salvage yards maintain well stocked inventories of spare parts that can be safely installed on your vehicle. If you are looking for a specific component, check the online inventories of the dealerships. If they do not have a part of the particular make, model and year, you can order it. Buying an exact match is imperative to the safe operation of your vehicle. Identical vehicles of same year and make can use different components.

Dealerships often have computerized inventory systems that facilitate the search for your component. Going over the inventory at home is easy. Purchasing used car parts from the nearby salvage yard not only saves money, it is also environmentally responsible. Recycling parts is a great way to get merchandise at a fraction of the original price.

Some facts about auto recycling:

  • Recycling auto components saves 85 million barrels of oil every year.

  • Auto recycling retrieves steel to make 13 million new cars, by recovering 11 million tons of steel every year.

  • Up to 75% of a car can be recycled.

When you want to save money and contribute to recycling, think about buying used car parts. St Paul residents can find local dealerships in the area sourcing all types of new and used auto parts.

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