Where to Find New Home Developments

by | Mar 7, 2012 | Real Estate Services

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Many Americans seek new home developments in gated suburban communities. Gated communities no longer cater to the 55+ and adult age category. Younger families, young professionals, new migrants and people of a younger age profile are seeking to purchase homes in gated communities. “Fortress neighborhoods” appeal to all races and ages and demographics.

America and Europe are witnessing the emerging trend of new home developments taking place in gated communities. Surprisingly, it is the younger people who are more in favor of this trend of living in crime-free havens. The added security and conditional access to these gated communities deters many criminals from entering and planning muggings, car hijackings and burglaries.

Living in these exclusive enclaves, residents get to know their neighbors better and develop close bonds with other residents. Young parents feel more comfortable if their children are in a secure place that does not allow strangers entry.

Traditionally it has been the affluent and wealthy that preferred to live in private and sheltered neighborhoods. Celebrities and wealthy individuals have willingly shelled out millions of dollars to live in private and elitist enclaves. Gated communities have long housed the rich and famous from the Hollywood glitterati in LA to the business millionaires of West Orange, New Jersey.

New home developments are mushrooming in secure suburban gated communities all over the country. Homes in such areas do not cost millions. Some can be purchased for around $200,000. Depending on the size, location and design of your home, you can find new home developments to suit your budget and family size.

Many of the new home developments are also built to suit a certain class of homeowner. Golf communities, tennis communities, lakeside communities, mountain homes and other communities can suit your tastes and temperament. The communities house all the essential services like grocery store, gas station, bank, restaurant, beauty parlor, salon, fitness center etc. High end neighborhoods offer tennis, swimming and other facilities for their residents. If you have a young family, make sure the new home developments you are looking at have good schools nearby, child care facilities and hospitals in the vicinity.

If you are building your dream home, you can customize your building to suit your needs and requirements. To make your house stand out and have its own signature style, you can engage architects and builders to build according to your specifications so that you can enjoy some additional features like open kitchen layout, custom cabinets and closet, extra room space or some other features. With prior planning you can select some of the finest properties in new home developments. Fort Myers Florida residents can build custom homes in local gated communities.