When to Get New HVAC Equipment for Your Home

Your HVAC Equipment is the units and connectors that comprise your home-based climate control system. This major appliance heats and cools your home according to your wishes. It also filters out unwanted particulates such as allergens, dust, and mold from air before distributing the air to different parts of your home. Assuming you are dedicated to regular HVAC maintenance and prompt repairs, there are some factors to consider when you decide whether to repair or replace your existing HVAC system.

The number of major and minor repairs you have had in the last 2 to 4 years will influence your decision to get a replacement HVAC system. If you have had more than 2 major repairs in the last years, it may be time to get a new HVAC system. You can try to perform a patch job. However, this is not a true repair and can cause damage to other parts of your home. Even if you have had only a few minor repairs in the last year, the frequency of continuous problems can be indicative of defective HVAC parts. Check to see if your warranty will cover a repair or replacement before you make this decision.

The age of your HVAC will impact your decision to get a replacement HVAC system. Typically, an HVAC system is designed and built to last for about 12 to 15 years. If your system is within this range or beyond, consider getting a new one. An older HVAC system usually uses more energy to run since its parts are not in new condition. This will mean more money spent on utility bills. Also, newer HVAC systems have fewer carbon emissions. Buying a replacement HVAC system will help the environment and the air in your home.

A final factor to consider is how well your HVAC cools and heats your home consistently. If you have fluctuating temperatures, it may be preferable to get new HVAC Equipment instead of trying to fix older components. For more information on HVAC systems and services, please talk to a local HVAC contractor of your choice. Doing this will enable you to make a well-informed decision.

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