When Screen Printing Is Best For T Shirt Designs

Silk screen printing has been going on for centuries. While maybe not as old as Embroidery work, it has been a significant part of the fabric printing industry. Otherwise referred to as screen printing or serigraphy, it has made itself almost indispensable in the T shirt printing trade. In fact, there are certain times when screen printing is the preferred method of T shirt printing.

What Exactly Is Screen Printing?

The creation of screen printed T shirts or other items involves basic tools. Essentially, it requires a fine mesh screen, blocked off spaces on the fabric using an impermeable substance, and ink to penetrate the fabric to make the image, design, or text. The fabric can be any color, as can the inks that are applied to establish the pattern. As a result, screen printing produces a design or specific image or look.

The canvas of silk screen printing is generally T-shirts. They are also commonly applied to sweatshirts, hoodies, and other sports or pseudo-sportswear. The material, in fact, is the perfect flat and blank canvas on which to work. The ink is readily and even easily applied to such a canvas. It does not work as well on material that is fuzzy, uneven, rough, or thick. If applied to such fabrics, the screen printing may actually peel off.

Why Choose Screen Printing?

Yet, there are many reasons why people prefer to use screen printing to get their message across. They include, but need not be limited to the following:

* Coverage: Screen printing is the best (and most cost-effective) way to ensure a large design can successfully cover the complete back and/or front of such clothing as a T shirt. Unlike embroidery work, screen printing will not have trouble taking and keeping hold on the thinner material of which T shirts are manufactured. Moreover, a large work done in embroidery would also not look as good or last as long as one crated using screen printing.
* Big is Better: With screen printing, size can be better. Larger compositions or messages can turn out with a clarity and visibility that makes them desirable.
* Quality: Products are high-end in terms of quality
* Shading and Differentiation: Screen printing allows for many variations in terms of shading and gradients of color
* Detailed: If you are putting together a logo, screen printing can reproduce one that is more detailed than the capabilities of embroidery.
* Inexpensive: Done in large lots, screen printing of T shirts can be very inexpensive. In fact, the more shirts you ask to be printed, the cheaper per shirt it actually is. There may also not be an increase in terms of the size of images or logos, although the number of colors will influence the price.

Screen printing of fabric is a centuries old practice that continues to be popular. Technology has simplified and even improved certain aspects, but limitations do still exist. If you are planning to order large lots of a team logo or want both the back and front of T-shirts to bear a substantial design, in all probability, you will be better off if you decide upon screen printing. It can and will deliver a quality product.

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