What You Need To Know About Flooring Upgrades In Woodridge

For many homeowners, the kitchen and bathroom, as well as other living spaces are a top priority when it comes to upgrading. While you can add new furniture and different counters, it may be better to start from the ground up and choose new flooring for your Woodridge home. You can add more appeal and value to the space, as well as better function and easier cleanup, depending on what you choose.

Floating Floor

For many, wood is the only option because it is beautiful and long-lasting. However, it can also be a big project that costs a lot of money. For a less expensive alternative, you may want to consider engineered hardwood floors that float. Instead of nailing down the planks, you will use glue or snaps-ons. You can also choose any subfloor materials and may not even have to do anything but add the new floor.

Checkerboard Tiles

For places like the bathroom and kitchen, a checkboard pattern could be ideal. It is very eye-catching and can also be done in subtle tones to match any décor. Of course, vinyl tiles are always nice, but you can also choose travertine, marble, and porcelain. If checkerboard styles aren’t your preference, you can also choose from a wide variety of patterns.


For some, being unique is the most important aspect. These people usually have rare artifacts inside the home and may also want to change the flooring in their Woodridge home to showcase that feature. Cork and bamboo are becoming increasingly popular. Like wood, they offer an aesthetic beauty that can’t be beaten, but they can be harder on the feet or cold to the touch.

Flooring in Woodridge is just as diverse as the people who need it. Visit https://www.bestbuycarpets.com to find out about your options.