What you need to Know about Family Law

Divorce is a trying time in an individual’s life. When you take your marriage vows, you seldom think that you would be recanting those same vows in the future. As Western Society becomes more and more advanced, the concept of marriage seems to become more abstract. About a half of all married couples will end up in the divorce courts. The dissolution of a marriage involves turmoil and trauma. Money, assets and properties have to be divided. Custody and support of the children from the marriage would have to be settled in a sensitive and fair way. If you are undergoing a painful divorce situation, you should always have an experienced attorney trained in Family Law attending to you. If you and your spouse are facing disputes about custody and support, consult a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and ensure a fair resolution to your disagreements.

States in the US have their own specific laws pertaining to family law and divorce. In an ideal situation when a couple is divorcing they should be able to work out an amicable settlement about the custody and support for their children. Preventing one parent access to the children is not only painful for the parent it is also harmful to the children. The involvement of both parents in the raising and rearing of the children is beneficial to the children in the long run. When conflicts arise, the courts have to get involved and pronounce the decisions pertaining to custody etc. States like Ohio, have substituted the term “child custody” with shared parental rights and responsibilities. The court allocates the sharing of the parents’ rights and responsibilities taking into consideration the children’s best interests and also other factors. To find out how to best tackle a contested case, you should engage an attorney who is well versed in Family Law and best able to guide you into finding an acceptable situation for your children.

Joint custody is often replaced by the term “shared parenting”. In such a decision, both of the parents have to share either some or all of the physical and legal care required in raising the children. The parents have to devise a parenting plan that will be submitted to the courts for review. Failing the submission of the parental plan, the court will decide the residential parent and also nominate the parent as legal custodian for the children. For more information consult an attorney practicing Family Law. Avon, OH residents can find a number of excellent local law offices that offer advice on Family Law.

Family Law

Family Law

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