What To Look For In A Gun Safe

If you have a collection of guns, its important to protect your investment and those around you by securing your collection in a gun safe in Houston TX. There are many things to consider when making your choice, but finding the right one doesn’t have to be confusing. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a gun safe in Houston TX that’s right for you.

First, decide what it is you’re trying to accomplish with the safe. Are you keeping your guns away from inquisitive children who could be harmed by playing with your guns? Are you worried about theft? Or, do you just want a good place to store them without tarnishing? These reasons can all play a role in making your choice, so it can be a good idea to make a list of what’s important for you before you begin your search.

If you’re worried about burglary, it’s imperative to choose a safe that can hold up well. Heavy steel safes are a good bet, in this case. One thing to know about steel is that the smaller gauge numbers refer to thicker material. For example, less expensive safes might be 12 gauge while a 10 gauge steel safe is extremely difficult to penetrate without either a plasma cutter or a torch. Keep in mind, however, that heavier materials usually result in higher costs, so consider that as well when buying a gun safe in Houston TX.

The locking mechanism itself as well as the door to the safe are all key considerations as well, as that is a prime target for burglars. Look for larger steel pins or draw bolts, and more of them. Safes featuring pins in each corner, on top and on the bottom are typically more complex and more expensive, but they offer a significant amount of protection.

Finally, think about the fire rating of the safe before you buy. There are fire resistant safes; these meet typical basic standards and can protect even in high temperatures. If you live many miles away from the nearest fire department, be sure you buy the safe with the best fire safety rating you can reasonably afford. If you live three blocks from the fire department, this probably wouldn’t be quite as important, but it’s something to keep in mind.

No safe is perfect, but with a bit of research and investment, you can protect your guns easily with the help of a commercial safe. A locksmith can help you make your choice.

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