What To Expect With Professional Furnace Cleaning In Omaha, NE

To keep your heater running efficiently and to extend the working life of the unit, contact a company that specializes in Furnace Cleaning in Omaha NE. By having your unit cleaned and checked out once a year, you’ll also be saving money on your electric usage. Below you’ll learn the basics of how a technician cleans and checks a furnace.


Lubricating a furnace allows synchronization of all the moving parts. To lubricate the furnace, a technician unscrews the grease cups, adds lubricant and then replaces the caps. If the furnace has oil ports, the technician adds the required amount of oil to each port to sufficiently grease the unit.

Fan Belt

The fan belt on a furnace can become loose or wear out. A cracked or split fan belt can easily break and cause the furnace to be inoperable. A loose belt can cause the fan to squeak as it turns and it may keep the fan from turning. It’s also possible for a loose belt to damage other components in the heater. After taking the fan motor cover off the unit, a technician who performs Furnace Cleaning in Omaha NE, will inspect the belt and change it if it’s worn. If the belt is not tight enough, the technician will secure the belt by turning the adjusting nut.

Heat Exchanger

When the temperature of the gases inside the heat exchanger rise, this causes the blower to kick on. After making a trip through the return duct, the air flows across the heat exchanger to warm your home. If this important furnace part is not regularly cleaned, it can cause the furnace to overheat. Cleaning this part also keeps dust and debris from catching fire if it gets too hot. Visit website to learn more.


A dirty air filter on a furnace will keep the system from running efficiently. If the filter is washable, the technician will clean it and place it back into the unit. If the furnace uses the disposable filters, the technician will insert a new filter into the slot.

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