What is wood siding?

Wood siding is one of the building materials that are used to clad the outside of a building, protecting the building and the contents from the elements. Siding is available in vinyl, composites, metal, fiber-cement, and cement and wood.

Most homes in America use a frame construction. The exterior walls are usually made from a series of vertical and horizontal wooden boards which are then sheathed with plywood on the outside of the wall. The plywood is then covered with house-wrap which is put on to protect the plywood from the elements during construction, the house wrap stays in place when the siding is applied, it stops moisture from getting inside the building but the material allows moisture that is inside, to escape to the outside.

The siding is applied over the house-wrap; the siding is the visible exterior of the home. Siding does two primary things; it provides an attractive exterior surface which is architecturally pleasing and it provides protection to the exterior plywood sheathing from water ingress. Over the years, alternative siding has become popular in Hammond, but wood still retains its number one position in popularity as a siding material. Even the alternative siding products have to be produced in a faux wood finish to maintain their market share.

Wood will invariably retain its popularity because of its overall appearance, especially its natural beauty. Wood, although not the best insulator does provide some insulation value, is easy to install and takes stain and paint with little work. Many people are genuinely concerned with the environment and as wood is a renewable resource; they see it as a friendlier product than vinyl or any of the alternative siding materials.

Wood, once it has been harvested, can be then manufactured in to a host of different products and styles. Clapboard, shingles, vertical and horizontal planking and plywood are but a few options. Clapboard Siding in Hammond is long sections of wood which, when viewed end on, have a triangular shape. The clapboard is installed with the narrowest part at the top; the thickest part of the next board is overlapped, thus providing an excellent surface to repel rain, snow and other weather related issues. Rectangular planks are similar to clapboard but they are not overlapped, they are often installed as tongue and groove. When planking is installed in the vertical plane, the joints are often covered with narrow strips of wood called battens.

Wood shingles, often called shakes, give a home a rustic, almost pioneer look. The shingles are installed similar to the way shingles are installed on a roof, they overlap. Wood shingles have the tendency to become even more attractive over time as they age beautifully, taking on a mottled patina.

Wood siding is but one of the materials used for siding in Hammond. Gluth Brothers Roofing Co Inc. can source from the best manufactures of vinyl, wood, composite, etc., and install with qualified and well trained personnel.

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