What is Nose Piercing?

by | May 13, 2014 | Jewelry

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Nose piercing allows a person to wear a piece of jewelry in a hole which has been pierced in the nose. Nose piercings may seem a bit radical for a lot of people but this practice dates back many centuries and has always been popular in many cultures. There are three points on the nose where piercing can take place; through the outside of the nostril, bridge piercings at the top of the nose a septum piercing through the cartilage which separates the nostrils. Gold septum jewelry is often a bar bell or ring whereas nostril piercing usually uses a ring and a barbell is used for bridge piercings.

There are many types of jewelry that can be worn through nose piercings rings, barbells and studs. Gold septum jewelry as the name implies is made from gold however body jewelry is also available in surgical grade stainless steel, titanium and even bone or wood which has been highly polished.

Many people call a septum piercing a bull piercing as the jewelry that is worn is similar to that used in a bull’s nose. One nice thing about gold septum jewelry is that it is easy to hide if the occasion warrants it; this is not the case with nostril or bridge piercings.

When an individual sets out to have his or her septum pierced usually the first thing they do is to choose the jewelry that will be worn. This is extremely important because whatever jewelry you put in on the day of the piercing is the jewelry you will have to wear for some time, several months actually and many people have reason to wear a piece of gold septum jewelry that can be easily hidden. There are still many employers and schools that frown on body piercings of any sort, especially those which are visible. Usually if it is going to be necessary to hide the jewelry a barbell is the best as it can be stored in the nostrils.

When any part of the body is pierced, cleanliness is a strict requirement. In the case of the nostril or septum any hair in the area will be shaved, the area will then be treated with alcohol or some other product that will eliminate germs. Once the initial preparation is completed, the person doing the piercing will mark the spot and then proceed with the piercing. Often the septum is numbed by attaching a clamp; the actual piercing I either done manually or with a gun.