What is an Order of Protection Lawyer?

Domestic violence cases in the state of New York are considered with gravity by police and civil authorities. Without proper legal representation, victims of abuse are often unaware of the many avenues of recourse that are open to them. Consult an Order of Protection lawyer to seek protection for yourself and your children. The state makes all attempts to shelter victims of domestic violence. The offense and abuse can be any or all of the following:

  • Harassment

  • Aggravated harassment

  • Stalking

  • Assault or attempted assault

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Menacing

  • Reckless endangerment

  • Threats against you, your children or loved ones

If you are facing any such threat to your life and safety, you have the right to take the advice of a lawyer and seek immediate restraining order on your spouse.

Restraining orders are liberally granted to almost all those who apply for them. During many divorce cases, some spouses use allegations of abuse as a way to gain tactical advantage, thus making a mockery of the system that is meant to protect the weaker spouse. If you are on the receiving end of a wrongful allegation of domestic abuse/ battery and have been the subject of such an order, you can seek consultation with an order of protection lawyer, to defend against wrongful allegations. Those accused of an act of domestic violence are subject to instant police and civic action prior to the legal determination of your guilt or innocence. To seek recourse to a wrongful accusation, you have to consult an order of protection lawyer.

When a restraining order is placed on your spouse, he will have to be removed from the premises or shared living area by police. Your abuser no longer has the right to contact you over telephone, email or post. The order of protection lawyer can also arrange for your children to be protected from their father (if he is the abuser) by requesting supervised visitation. If you are not legally divorced from the abuser, the order of protection lawyer can ask the judge in family court to pay temporary child support and grant you legal custody of the children. If your spouse were to violate the restraining order, you have the right to call the police and get the respondent arrested. For more information on how to deal with restraining orders, contact an order of protection lawyer. Suffolk County, NY residents can find competent family law attorneys in the county.

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