What Holidays Do You Use Chocolate Shapes for?

by | Jun 13, 2012 | Shopping

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Each and every holiday is a special event. It doesn’t really matter if you celebrate it or not, it’s more about the person that’s receiving your gift. Many people say that it’s the thought that counts so how would they feel if you sent them a life-size chocolate bottle to wish them a happy new year? Now that’s a great gift, but is that the only time of the year you can give them such a gift? Spend Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or even Christmas or Hanukah eating chocolate champagne bottle-shaped bars and don’t forget to share.

Chocolate shapes are created for all kinds of holidays. One of the cutest ones is the mini Easter eggs for Easter. You can sit around, watch little kids gobble up those Easter eggs, and watch them enjoy one of the happiest times of their lives.

If your little one fell and got hurt, it’s not a fun holiday for him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get him a band aid-shaped chocolate bar. This will tell your child that you love him and help him feel better. Not only can you give him a chocolate bar shaped as a band aid, but you can personalize it. How much better can it get? This could be a gift for a minor or major surgery scheduled. Something to tide them over until later!

Halloween is one of the times of the year where everybody dreads weighing himself or herself afterwards, but not the children. They enjoy all the candy they can eat. Chocolate shapes are available in small jack-o-lanterns that would be a blast to eat.

Ornaments are not just good for hanging on trees but also great for eating too. No, that doesn’t mean eating glass ornaments is okay; however, there are some chocolate shaped ones. Those chocolate ornaments would not only look good on the tree but also be good to eat.

Picking out chocolate fruit would be another great way to give a fruit basket to a friend. Tell him the secret that these pieces are fruit are tastier than the fruit basket he sent you because who can resist a chocolate orange or chocolate apple.

Start being creative with your chocolate shapes and the reasons to give them out.