What Dentists and Auto Repair Greendale WI have in Common

Dentists and Auto Repair Greendale WI remind us that if we take care of the little things, regularly, they will not turn into major problems later. Dentists remind my wife and me that preventive dental care (especially flossing) helps us avoid costly dental work. My wife follows our dentists’ advice, me, not so much. Well, dentists are right, and so is Auto Repair Greendale WI. Regular maintenance of our vehicles, and bringing it in for repair immediately when something does go wrong, saves time, money and grief.

1. Regular checkups at Auto Repair Greendale WI.

A maintenance plan with Auto Repair Greendale WI means your cars vital fluids such as oil, transmission, brake, radiator and power steering fluid not only get replaced when recommended, but also checked and possibly topped off. Having Auto Repair Greendale WI under the hood, or under your car checking out your car’s health, is important because they may spot a problem that you were not even aware. For example, you are having your tires rotated and your mechanic notices a small problem with one of your brake calipers. Fix it? You bet, the wheel is already off, and fixing a small problem is much more cost-effective than waiting for it to become a major repair. A conscientious mechanic will check under the hood for any loose wiring, leaks, or cracked hoses. Thirty years ago, I was driving between Ft. Atkinson and Whitewater in the middle of summer with my four year old and two year old in the back seat when my car’s radiator hose blew. That was not a pleasant afternoon. I wish I had been using Auto Repair Greendale WI for maintenance and checkups back then.

2. Winterize your car with Auto Repair Greendale WI.

Wisconsin winters are brutal, says Auto Repair Greendale WI, and I whole-heartedly agree. I think our ancestors arrived in Wisconsin in May, and thought that this would be a great place to homestead, such nice, mild weather. Preparing your car for the winter is crucial to avoid being stuck somewhere during a snowstorm. How is the tread on your tires? Will they take you through the snow, slush and ice? How about your battery or your radiator fluid? Car batteries, tires and radiator fluid do not last forever, and should be replaced, or at least be checked by Auto Repair Greendale WI to determine if they will get you through the next Wisconsin winter.

3. Resale value of cars increase with regular Auto Repair Greendale WI.

Regular maintenance and prompt Auto Repair Greendale WI of your vehicle will increase its value, and price when you decide to sell it. With the economy in poor shape, people are holding onto their cars longer and taking care of them better. In addition, sales of pre-owned cars have jumped recently due to the economy, and cars that have been well maintained are fetching a premium price.

So, follow your dentists’ and Auto Repair Greendale WI advice; if you take care of your teeth, and your car, they will take care of you.

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