What Can Cause A Boiler Explosion?

A heating system that utilizes a boiler is an extremely reliable way to heat the interior of a building. Like all mechanical devices there will be a need for periodic Chicago boiler repair but in the period between contracted maintenance and repair things can often go unnoticed. A boiler is different than other forms of generating heat, in a boiler there is extremely high pressures which can actually cause a boiler failure. There are a couple of common reasons why a boiler may explode; a failed pressure relief valve as well as low water level and corrosion of the inner boiler vessel. In the majority of cases a boiler explosion can be traced back to poor maintenance and inadequate operating training.

A boiler itself is actually quite a simple device regardless of the physical size. A boiler is little more than a metal tank that holds water, the water is heated by any one of a number of fuel sources, and the result is steam. The steam is what is used as a heat source; steam is also used to drive a turbine which in turn generates electricity. Although the process of turning water to steam is not complicated there are dangers involved as the steam is under extremely high pressure and in the event there is an error in operation or the boiler has not been subjected to repair and maintenance there is always the potential of a catastrophic failure. The owners and operators of boilers are well aware of how important professional Chicago boiler repair is and they call them in on a regular basis. When a boiler is well maintained it can operate flawlessly for many years. Unfortunately there are times when the problem is out of the control of the repair technician; many times the problem is the result of short cuts in the routine maintenance that is supposed to be done between visits of the repairman.

With the steam in the boiler being under extremely high pressure it is imperative that the pressure relief valve is always working properly. Pressure relief valves are normally spring operated and actuated devices which are set to “pop off” or release when the steam pressure reaches that which is allowable. When the valve functions as it should excess steam is released. If the pressure relief valve is not maintained it can stick or the spring can fail, in this case the steam pressure will rapidly exceed the safe working limit of the boiler and it can result in an explosion.

Even if the water used in the boiler is treated after many years of service scale and corrosion can take place inside the pressure vessel. Internal corrosion can lead to the wall thickness being compromised which is also a leading cause of boiler failure. An important part of Chicago boiler repair and maintenance is an inspection of the inside of the tank.

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