What are the Risks of Faulty Garage Door Installation?

 A single panel garage door is usually pretty heavy and in most houses it is the single heaviest mobile object in the home. The weight of an average overhead garage door can be over 400lbs. These panels can be opened manually or by a mechanical device operated by remote control. A major concern during garage door installation is safety. The sheer weight of the device can result in substantial damage and injury if the springs somehow malfunction. On the other hand, malfunctions might cause it to not open in an emergency. It is imperative that you have garage door installation carried out by an expert professional and the installation is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the door is installed, check the manual to ensure the professional has done the job according to the instructions. An overhead garage door has no safety mechanism or brakes that would prevent it collapsing down in the event the spring fails. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that an average of 30,000 overhead garage door related accidents occur every year all over the world, and many of them occur in the US. The severity of the injuries ranges from fractures and crushings to limb amputations. To avoid such accidents happening on your property, ensure that you hire professionals for garage door installation in Palm Bay FL with the experience and knowhow to perform a safe installation that does not put you or your family at risk. If your door is defective and needs repair, don’t wait for an accident to occur, call in technicians immediately to rectify any problems.

Garage doors are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Choose the design to suit your home décor. Steel insulated and non-insulated steel, wood, fiberglass and vinyl can be customized to suit your choice. Since 2002 a design that imitates traditional carriage doors has been a popular choice. In this design the exterior steel is covered with composite vinyl boards to give them a wooden façade. The carriage doors are available in a number of designs and are water resistant, do not rot and are aesthetically pleasing.

A garage door support spring can last anywhere between 3-7 years. The life cycle of a spring should provide about 10,000 to 15,000 cycles, but the life may be shortened if extra weight is added to the panel in the form of insulation, many layers of paint or addition of glass etc. If your spring shows signs of wear and tear, call in a professional trained in garage door installation. Harrisburg residents can find local technicians in the area with experience and skills to provide solutions.

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