What Are the Benefits of Selective Herbicides?

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Business and Economy

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Selective herbicides are types of herbicides that target only certain types of plants, usually weeds and other plants that you don’t want in your yard. Using herbicides is necessary to control the growth of weeds in your fields or gardens, which take away resources from the plants that you are trying to cultivate and make growing harder.

There are many different types of herbicides. Here is why you may opt for the selective type.

Get Rid of Weeds Without Affecting Your Plants

The primary reason why people turn to selective herbicides is to protect their plants. With these types of herbicides, you target weeds, not the plants that you are trying to grow. Other types of herbicides kill all plants indiscriminately, which would affect the plants that you are trying to cultivate as well. As such, that is the primary reason why people opt for this type of herbicide.

Better for Agricultural Purposes

Since a selective herbicide only targets weeds, not plants, it is better for use on major farms. Farmers can’t just wait for growing season to be over to target weeds. They have to keep fields clear of weeds even when plants are growing there, which makes it difficult to do so without also damaging their crops. Selective herbicide chemicals make this task easier by not affecting crops.

These types of herbicides are also better in the long-term for farmers because they control plant growth on the field and reduce the need for tilling.