What Are Cosmetic Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is an extremely thin wafer of either porcelain or a composite resin that a dentist in Honolulu fixes to the visible part of a tooth. Having cosmetic dental veneers made and fixed is a painless process; it can often be done without the need for anesthesia. These veneers are an ideal solution for teeth which are slightly chipped, have surface cracks, are stained or the teeth are separated by an unattractive gap. When cosmetic dental veneers are in place the result is a brighter, whiter smile.

Why veneers?

Dental crowns are the only alternative to a dental veneer but veneers are a more conservative approach to changing the outward appearance and color of visible teeth. As the years go by it is inevitable that the teeth will be subjected to some damage, damage that can be caused by trauma or even a very invasive dental procedure such as a root canal. Over time teeth will discolor from various foods, beverages and the use of tobacco products. Veneers are often the best solution for front teeth, those teeth that are visible when a person smiles or laughs. High quality porcelain dental veneers can last for many years when the procedure is performed by a skilled dentist in Honolulu.

How are cosmetic dental veneers fitted?

Once the patient has decided to have dental veneers fitted he or she will normally require three appointments to see the procedure through completion. During the first appointment the dentist and the patient plan the treatment, the second appointment is when the teeth are prepared for the veneers and the third appointment is dedicated for the bonding of the veneers to the teeth which were previously prepared.

The dentist looks forward to the patient taking an active role in planning their new smile. The dentist as well as the patient will discuss the objectives, the dentist can explain to the patient what to expect and what the limitations are.

The dental veneers are extremely thin, the preparation that takes place in advance of the fitting often is little more than a buffing to remove a few microns of material from the front of the teeth. This may be slightly uncomfortable; if it bothers the patient the dentist in Honolulu can offer a local anesthetic. Once the process has been completed an impression of the teeth is take, the impression is sent to a dental lab where a technician prepares the veneers to fit perfectly, this may take a week or so. Visit the site for more details.

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