Ways To Get People To Notice Your Trade Show Exhibit

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Business

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Once you are at the trade show, you aren’t finished working. You still have to attract people to the exhibition, though if you planned accordingly, you probably have all the tools available and ready to go. However, it may be helpful to learn a few tips that can help at future shows or for the upcoming one, so you can do your best and be successful.


Proper lighting can be the difference between attracting potentials and not. However, you want light that is noticeable, but also something that’s warm and inviting. Harsh and bright lights aren’t comfortable though they may attract them. However, once they get there, you want to keep them long enough to engage them, which may be difficult with harsh lights.


Upgrading something as simple as the carpet to lush and soft versions can be an excellent choice. Your staff and those attending the booth will be happy that you’ve used something soft and comfortable, so they can stay for long periods without hurting their feet.

Moving Parts

Movement is always an attention grabber, getting people to focus on your area and gravitate toward it. If you don’t have any moving parts or products, you can always create it yourself by tossing giveaways in the air, hiring a juggler to juggle your items, playing with yo-yos or even blowing bubbles.

Use The Nose

The nose is a powerful tool and can contribute to the amount of people who arrive at your booth. Smells usually trigger pleasant memories, making people want to visit and see what you’ve got. Consider putting a few drops of vanilla onto a light bulb, warm brownies or use other delightful scents to attract people.

High Tech

Another option is to go high-tech because it is an attractive option. Everyone has high-tech devices such as tablets and smartphones, so you want to attract those people. Using the Internet to interact with customers, creating unique web portals, using Apps or even QR codes can all grab attention.

Don’t Overdo

While there are many tips and options for your trade show exhibit, it’s important that you don’t go overboard. Instead of doing everything at once, use one or two and see how it works. You may have to try a few times to get the right blend, and it could change from event to event.