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A dentist performs a number of essential services. A dental professional diagnoses, prevents and treats conditions and diseases of the oral cavity. Trained professionals can perform a number of treatments like restorative treatments, orthodontics, endodontics (root canal), and prosthetics (dentures) etc. A trained dentist or dental surgeon can usually perform many of the procedures required in cosmetic dentistry such as whitening, bonding, veneers and implant surgery.

An even white smile is an attractive feature to any individual. A smile makeover can improve your self confidence, helping you to present yourself better both in your professional life and in your personal life. One of the most common treatments in acquiring a pearly white smile is whitening or bleaching. Discolored teeth are very unattractive and can arise for a number of reasons. Whitening can be achieved using over the counter treatments. A plethora of products are available at the drug store. However, professionally supervised treatments performed in office are recommended for better results. These treatments use special light to enhance the effect of the whitening product. The product can be used in combination with a laser, special light or heat to provide quick and lasting results.

Avoiding certain foods and beverages can prevent stains and discolorations to your teeth. Red wine, tea and coffee are notorious for staining teeth. Smoking cigarettes and tobacco can also make your teeth discolored and stained. Tobacco use is detrimental to your health and can cause oral cancer and other dangerous diseases. Antibiotics like tetracycline can also cause stains to your teeth that will not be removed by bleaching and whitening products. To improve your smile a dentist might recommend application of veneers.

Veneers are wafer thin custom made shells made of porcelain or resin composites. Porcelain laminates are most suitable as veneers as they are closest to the color and transparency of a natural tooth. When your teeth do not respond well to whitening and bleaching, veneers are excellent for masking stains and closing gaps in your teeth.

Crooked teeth can be rectified using revolutionary customized braces called Invisalign. Invisalign consists of barely visible removable plastic aligners that help to straighten crooked teeth. Invisalign is recommended for adults seeking cosmetic treatment for crooked teeth and malocclusion. They are more comfortable than the conventional metal braces and are easily removable and that’s why the user can remove the aligners during meals. The user does not have to exercise many food restrictions and the aligners can be conveniently cleaned. If you need more information about Invisalign, consult with your dentist. Holmdel residents can request for state of the art modern cosmetic treatments from their dental professionals.

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