Vinyl Flooring Is The Best Bet For Homeowners Doing Remodels Or New Builds

Building a house or remodeling one is an exciting time. Filled with choices about lights, doors, and hardwood or vinyl floor covering in Oakland, can make homeowners’ heads swim. We’re here to explain why vinyl floors are your best bet in flooring.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

When people hear the word vinyl, they visualize sheets of flooring in the homes of yesteryear. This is usually parquet mistaken for vinyl. Vinyl flooring has evolved over the years to its present amazing representation of natural stone, hardwood, and tile.

How Is It Made?

Vinyl flooring is made of layers of wood products, vinyl, a top wear layer, and a pattern-stamped layer. This is how vinyl flooring can look like natural stone or knotty wood. The wear layer is what keeps the flooring from being scratched or gouged.

Vinyl flooring can be made to fit together like puzzle pieces called floating or snap-together flooring. It can also be tacked or glued to the subflooring.

Why Is Vinyl Floor Covering in Oakland So Popular?

Vinyl is softer than stone or wood floors. Standing on it for hours won’t hurt homeowners’ knees or backs. Vinyl acts as insulation, so it’s warmer in winter than wood or stone. It doesn’t sustain the damages wood floors do and is easy to clean with a wipe of a damp mop.

It looks amazing, is cheaper than the real thing, and lasts as long if not longer than stone, wood, or tile. Better Quality Carpets will be glad to tell you more about vinyl floors when you contact us at

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