Utilizing an Orthodontist in Franklin, WI

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Dental

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Quite often when people think about visiting their orthodontist, the first thought is to get braces that will align and straighten teeth properly. Although this is something which is offered by an Orthodontist in Franklin, WI, it’s not the only service they perform. They have a lot of treatment options available for clients who require professional orthodontist services.

Popularity of Braces
The installation of braces is probably the most common service that an orthodontist offers to clients. Braces are metal wires along with bands which will provide not just aesthetics, but functionality. Teeth which are not properly aligned often cause many bite or other problems. Patients having such issues typically are able to get braces and have it covered by their insurance policy. However, those simply wanting these installed for aesthetic reasons most likely will need to pay for the procedure themselves.

Braces without Wires
Because of the evolving technology in dental care today, many orthodontists are able to offer a wide variety of choices for their patients that need to have crooked teeth realigned. One of the leading and most popular options would be wireless braces. These consist of a series of removable, clear devices which cover a patient’s teeth. They exert pressure on teeth and ultimately move them back into proper position. This is done without necessitating metal brackets and wires. These systems will typically cost more than having conventional braces, yet they do work faster and are far less noticeable. This is what makes them a favorite among both adults and children.

Other Orthodontic Procedures
An orthodontist has the capability to reposition a patient’s teeth along with correcting jaw irregularities through surgical procedures. This type of surgery is typically done on patients that have finished growing. The procedure will involve a series of adjustments and a surgical realignment of the individual’s jaw. The end result is that the teeth are realigned and the patient is able to bite effectively. This treatment is typically for severe alignment issues.

Finding a Good Orthodontist
Should you need to find a qualified orthodontist in Franklin, WI to help with your teeth problems, the first resource should always be your family dentist. In most cases they are able to recommend specialists they frequently use. Additionally, if you have family or friends having past experience with an orthodontist in your location, don’t hesitate to obtain their recommendations for quality orthodontist services. Visit Griffin Orthodontics today.