Understand Your Pet’s Medicine With An Animal Clinic In Milwaukie

Your animal clinic in Milwaukie can help you to understand your pet’s medicine. As with human medicine it is important to understand your pet’s medications and prescriptions. You should know the dosage, side effects and what to do in the case of an adverse reaction. When you give your pet any medication be vigilant about any side effects and keep in touch with your Animal Clinic when any questions arise.

Verify The Medicine’s Expiration Date With The Animal Clinic In Milwaukie

Animal clinics often get calls about “expired” medicines. Expiration dates mean that the after this date the medicine should not be dispensed by the pharmacy anymore. The product can still be effective after its expiration date. Most of the medicines have expiration date set well in advance of the drug losing its effectiveness. This is done to ensure that the drug has enough time to get consumed if bought within the expiration period.

Understand The Strength, Dose And Dosage Of All Medication With Your Animal Clinic In Milwaukie

The concentration or weight of the substance defines the strength of the medicine. The different strengths available in the medicines could be 50mg, 100mg or 200 mg etc.

Dose is the amount of medicine that should be taken. Dosage depends upon the age and weight of your pet. For example, an antibiotic dose could be 6mg per pound of the body weight.

Dosage is the time over which the given medicine needs to be consumed. If your animal clinic has specified two tablets at 4-hour intervals until the medicine is used up, then that is the specified dosage. Dosage also depends upon the strength and dose of the medicine.

Understand Vaccinations With Your Animal Clinic In Milwaukie

There are various controversies in animal medicine today about the usage of vaccines. Many diseases and adverse reactions have been attributed to the use of vaccines but there are diseases like, canine distemper, canine parvo, and feline panleukopenia that are controlled today with regular vaccines.

Vaccines today are recommended by animal clinics in Milwaukie for diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi as well as protozoans like Giardia. It is advisable to develop a vaccine schedule with your animal clinic to ensure that your pets get the required vaccine on time.

However, there could be some side effects associated with vaccines but these are similar to any vaccines given to pets or to humans.

Best time to vaccinate your pet is when he or she is healthy and unstressed. Vaccines will produce the response from the body in about 7 days. Vaccines can be administered via injections or by eyes or nose drops. When administered as eyes or nose drops the immune response is faster and it lasts longer.

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