Understand Tooth Fillings With Your Dentist In Hawthorne

Schedule a dental check-up with your dentist in Hawthorne for an X-Ray. X-Rays can reveal cavities in your teeth that require filling. Filling restores a damaged tooth. This damage could have occurred by decay or by an injury. For tooth filling, the dentist will removes the decayed material, clean the area and then fill out the cavity with the filling material.

Tooth fillings help in preventing further damage to the tooth by closing the space that could be a potential source for infection. Fillings help is repairing cracks and broken teeth that have disintegrated due to nail biting or tooth grinding.

Discuss Fillings Choices With Your Dentist In Hawthorne

There are many different materials used for fillings. Your choice will be mainly based upon filling positioning, cost and any allergies to a particular material.

Gold fillings are long lasting and custom made. They are also the best filling material and the most expensive option. These fillings also require multiple visits to your dentist in Hawthorne. Amalgam (silver) fillings are noticeable due to their dark color but these are tough and inexpensive. Composite (plastic) resins match your teeth color. The ingredients are mixed in the cavity and hardened. This material chips over time and is not ideal for large fillings. Porcelain fillings are made to order in lab. The match the natural teeth color and do not stain. They are as expensive as gold fillings.

Tooth Filling Procedure Used By A General Dentist In Hawthorne

The affected area is numbed with a local anesthetic. The dentist will then remove the decay using a drill, an air abrasion instrument or laser depending upon his/ her familiarity and preference with the equipment. Once all of the decay has been removed the area is cleaned and prepared for the filling. If the cavity is near the root, the dentist will first use resin to protest the nerve. Once the filling is in, the next step is to finish and polish it.

For tooth-colored fillings the process is more complex and takes longer. The filling material is applied in layers. It is then ‘cured’ using a special light and finally polished and finished.

Talk to your dentist in Hawthorne for proper care of tooth with fillings

Fillings or not, practicing good oral hygiene routine is a must. With a tooth with filling it is more important to visit your dentist in Hawthorne regularly for cleaning. Regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and daily flossing will keep your tooth clean and infection free.

If your dentist observes any cracking or leaking in the filling he/she may take X-rays for further evaluation. Any crack in the filling is a potential source for bacterial infection. You need to contact your dentist in Hawthorne if you feel any pain, a sharp edge or if your tooth is sensitive to temperature.

Only regular appointments with your dentist in Hawthorne uncover many dental problems that you can’t see for yourself, cavities being one of them. Let the expert team of Dr Cris help you to maintain healthy teeth. For more information go to Visit the website

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