Top Signs It’s Time for Furnace Repair Service in Skokie, IL

As winter approaches, many homeowners are worried that their furnaces last the season. Sometimes these worries are unfounded, but other times the furnace might have a history of problems. Don’t spend winter worried about losing heat. Instead, stay alert for these problematic signs and call for furnace repair service in Skokie right away.

1.Unfamiliar Sounds

Furnaces make noises when they kick on. One might hear a bit of rumbling, which is normal. What’s not normal is when the furnace makes banging sounds or other unfamiliar noises.

Not all sounds mean the furnace is on the fritz. However, if the sound is unfamiliar or too loud, it never hurts to schedule a service call and have the heater checked out.

2.Skyrocketing Utility Bills

Utility bills are higher in the winter, but they shouldn’t be shockingly high. Homeowners who find themselves with large, unexplainable utility bills should have their furnace expected. Chances are that something is causing the furnace not to run efficiently.

3.Short cycling

Many homeowners haven’t heard of the term short cycling, but it’s something that happens to HVAC units as they age. Short cycling is defined as the furnace or air conditioner running for an abbreviated time then turning off and turning back on rather quickly. While a furnace can operate for a while with this condition, it should be checked out as soon as possible. The longer short cycling continues, the greater the chances are of complete failure and the need for furnace replacement.

Homeowners who need furnace repair service in Skokie, trust the team at Elite HVACS Heating & Air.

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