Top 3 Semi Precious Gemstones Used in Gem Therapy

Notably adornments, semi precious gemstones are also noted for their healing properties, whether they are associated with the body, mind, spirit, or emotions, they can render certain vibratory “powers” that make them seem almost magical. However, the composition of the stones plays a part in the power they have in relieving a person of certain ills.


One of the Semi Precious Gemstones that are not only beautiful to wear but which is notably healthful too is amethyst. The purple stone is related to meditation, balance, spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. When wearing the stone, people feel an inner peace as well as more positive. Gemstone healers say amethyst also aids in the recall of a past life. If not wearing the stone, don’t place it in your jewelry box. Instead, keep the gem beneath your pillow to develop your powers of intuition and to cure sleeplessness.

Amethyst is also said to relieve stress and calm people who are grieving. With respect to physical complaints, wearing the stone is said to safeguard the wearer from toxins, blood diseases, neuralgia and acne. Diabetics who wear the stone have found it useful in curing their condition or regulating their level of insulin.


Another one of the semi precious gemstones that can be used to bring one good fortune and wealth is bloodstone. Blood stone is associated with such attributes as prosperity, purification, and courage. Wearing bloodstone, it is believed, enables people to renew their relationships and improve their love life as well.

Anyone suffering from melancholy or depression can turn to the healing powers of bloodstone. The stone is also said to cure psychosomatic illnesses and pain. However, the gem is best known for its purifying influence on the body, especially when it comes to the blood, liver, bladder, spleen or kidneys


Yet another one of the semi precious gemstones used for revitalization of the mind, body, emotions and spirt, carnelian is associated with such traits as creativity, warmth and past life recall. Wearing the stone is said to calm people’s minds of the fear of death and promotes belief in a cycle of birth and re-birth.

Donning a carnelian stone is also said to assist the career seeker and, therefore, takes away the notions associated with day-dreaming or non-pragmatic pursuits. The stone, when used in chakra or crystal healing, works on the areas of the body known as the lower chakras.

As a result, the stone can be used therapeutically for such conditions as lower back pain, female reproductive problems or any ailments related to the blood. Carnelian therapy can also dispel such inflammatory conditions as rheumatism or arthritis. Wounds, spasms and sores are treated using the stone as is neuralgia, allergies, fever and infection.

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