To Talk About Wine Tours In Traverse City Is A Bit Of A Misnomer

It would be possible to go on Wine Tours In Traverse City and consume lots of wines in the city’s bars, restaurants and other hostelries and, no doubt you would have a great time doing this especially if the Wine Tours In Traverse City provide the vehicles and drivers so that you do not have to stagger from one watering hole to another.

However, for a true wine buff who knows that the State of Michigan is home to many fine wineries, drinking in a bar in Traverse City would be no different from drinking the same wine in their own home town. What these people will come for is an opportunity to go on Wine Tours Within The Vicinity Of Traverse City.

The Wines Of Michigan State

There are four areas in Michigan that have been designated as wine grape growing centers and two of them are located right alongside Traverse City. The largest is on the scenic Leelanau Peninsula which boasts some 20 plus wineries. The other American Viticultural Area designated wine location is on the much smaller Old Mission Peninsular. These are the places that you will wish to visit if booking Wine Tours In Traverse City. With nearly 30 good wineries located close by to Traverse City you probably would not seek to travel further to other wine making parts of the State.

It’s Not All Scenery, Vineyards And Wineries

To be sure, when arranging Wine Tours In Traverse City the operator that you choose will certainly show you plenty of the above and obtain access for you and your party to tastings at the wineries you visit. However, the better tours will provide much more than simply a comfortable scenic ride from winery to winery.

The countryside has many fine restaurants and interesting bars where you can imbibe the local produce and take solid refreshments in more convivial surroundings than a tasting room. Furthermore, if your tastes go beyond wine, your Wine Tours Out Of Traverse City can be fine tuned to include cider making, a distillery and one of more than a dozen local traditional breweries. All or any of these can be included when booking customized Wine Tours In Traverse City. With an expert driver at the wheel, not only can your eyes soak in the scenery but you can indulge your taste buds to the full without any worries about the drinking and driving laws.

To make reservations on Wine Tours In Traverse City browse our website and fill in the on line booking form from Traverse City WINE AND BEER TOURS. You are sure to find them the best in the area.

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