Tips to Write a Message to Catch his Eye

There are hundreds of thousands of articles available on how a woman can capture the attention of a man they are interested in; this includes using body language, flirty glances or certain types of clothing. These are all great if you are in person, but what about meeting Braintree Singles online? When you do this, you have to know how to create a message that will get their attention and help you capture the audience you are interested in.

The Subject Line

You need to create a subject line that is attention grabbing. The title needs to entice them to read the email right away or to keep him from passing it by if his mailbox is filled. Using one, descriptive word in the subject line is a great way to pique his interest.

Organize Your Thoughts

You should sort out your intent and thoughts prior to composing the message. A great feature of emails is that once you have sent them, they will be received almost instantaneously. You can use this to your benefit by focusing on the purpose of the message. Do not repeat yourself, as this becomes boring and will likely not keep him interested.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Don’t skirt around the point of your message. State it outright. Many men see this as a sense of confidence, which is typically attractive to almost any man. When you simply eliminate the pleasantries, the receiver will likely appreciate this.

Include a Link or Photo

When you have completed the message consider including a fun link or an intriguing photo of yourself. Another options is to include a funny meme. When you provide a visual this is just another element that will help to catch his attention. After all, studies have shown that the majority of men are more visually stimulated than a woman. If you decide to send a photo of yourself, you should ensure that it is okay to be opened while they are at work.

Wrap it Up on a High Note

You should end your email with something positive. You need to use a statement that will make him take action, such as “Would love to get in touch,” or “Can’t wait to see you.” These are both intriguing and stimulation. They will also serve as an attention grabber and likely distract him from what is on his mind at the moment.

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