Tips on hiring a housekeeping service

These are difficult times, with most families needing income from both the husband and wife, there is precious little time to spend as a family anymore. Your housekeeping in Salt Lake City is one thing that you can outsource; giving you those few extra hours a week to either relax or take the kids to the park.

When you set out to hire a housekeeping service it can be daunting, you are about to give someone you don’t know, access to your home. There are a few things that are must-do’s when you hire housekeeping in Salt Lake City services.

1. Bond:
The maid service must carry a bond to protect you from any pilferage that may take place by the housekeeper. Hopefully the agency will have selected their maids properly, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Insurance:
Make sure the agency have liability insurance that covers the maid should she be injured while in your home. If the maid is not insured by her agency, then you will be completely liable for any injuries she suffers while on your premises.

3. References:
It does not take much to start a service doing Housekeeping In Salt Lake City, make sure the service you are considering has a sterling reputation. Get names of a few of their clients, call them and inquire:

1. When did they begin using the service?
2. Have there been any problems, if yes, how were they resolved?
3. Can you recommend the service?

4. Employee screening:
Everyone who is hired by the maid service has to have been subjected to stringent background checks. The maid will have access to your home, she must be honest. Ask to see the results of the background check the agency did, including the check on any criminal history. You will also want to be assured that the maids are all full-time employees, not day workers. Agencies that use day workers often do not screen them, nor do they provide insurance.

5. Cleaning products: The agency should provide the maid, including all the cleaning products she will need to do the job. Ask to see what products they use; if at all possible, the products should be environmental friendly and proven effective to kill germs, mold, mildew, etc.

6. Equipment:
The vacuum cleaners that the service uses should be new, state-of-the-art machines that have filtration systems so that all allergy producing substances are removed during the cleaning.

7. Quality control: As the homeowner, you expect perfection; it is not up to you to perform a quality control check on the Housekeeping In Salt Lake City results. The service must take full responsibility for QC, many of the better services have a senior staff member do lightning checks on the maids performance.

Once you have gone this process you can be assured that you will have found a good service provider, one that you can feel comfortable with and will work to your satisfaction.

Housekeeping in Salt Lake City is a service provided by American Housekeeping of Utah. With 20 years of providing excellent service, you can rest easy when your home is left in their capable hands.

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