Tips On Buying Wood Front Doors

When it comes to buying a new front door you have more choices than ever in materials and styles. It is important to carefully consider several factors when choosing a door as you want to get the door that provides you with the look you want, the security features that you need, and the durability that you require.

By browsing around online, you will also be able to find a good sample of what is out there. You may want to add sidelights and a transom to open up the space or you may want to consider an arched door or a custom designed door that really makes an amazing first impression.

Wood Type

There are different types of wood front doors so you can get the finish and the final look that you want. Hardwoods such as maple, alder, mahogany, maple and oak are very popular and can be stained or left with a natural finish for a rich, soft color.

There are also paint-grade doors that are made typically with the softwoods such as pine and hemlock. As the name implies these doors will need to be finished with paint to protect the wood.

Door Construction

Lower cost wood front doors are typically an engineered wood core, which may or may not provide the level of insulation and durability that you want. Over this interior core is a veneer or layer of the actual wood that you see. This is a good option if you are on a budget and understand that the door is going to have a limited lifetime.

There are higher grades of these types of doors that have specially designed stiles and rails that hold the doors in place, prohibiting warping which is common in wet or very dry climates.

Another option is a solid wood door, which is the most costly but also offers the greatest in security, insulating factors and overall beauty and style. These doors can arrive pre-finished or left natural for you to finish at your location.

The beauty of the solid wood doors is that they will typically be sold with everything that you need for installation. These pre-hung doors even come with door sweeps and interior casings if you request, ensuring that the door you receive is perfect for your home right off of the delivery truck.

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